Installing React Native on Windows

Friday, 3 November 2016

Couple of years back creating a mobile app was difficult. It had multiple constraints like device type(wearables, tab or mobile), platform(iOS or Android), OS versions. To cover all types of devices and platforms different versions of the app needed to be created. The biggest concern was programming in two different languages, mainly Java and Objective -C. But now we have React Native. Using which we can create android as well as IOS apps just by coding in JavaScript, HTML and CSS format.

This blog post is a tutorial is step by step guide to install react native on Windows machine.

MongoDB: Getting counts using aggregate and group methods

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

JavaScript Augmentation

Saturday, 4 January 2013

The word 'augment' means 'to make larger'. It is a way of extending the characteristics of a thing by adding something new. In JavaScript same idea is used while adding a new behavior to an object. JavaScript's dynamism allows adding a new method to an object possible.

In Object Oriented Programing often we require objects to have behaviors which are defined in different classes. In some language like C++, Perl, Python additional behaviors are inherited using multiple inheritance, where a new class is created which gets properties from more than one class. In other languages like Java, C# and Ruby interfaces provide the functionality of multiple inheritance. In both cases creating a new class is necessary. However, JavaScript being a Prototypal programing language, we can add or replace methods and variables of an existing class object. This is called 'Augmentation'.

RailwayJS Routing

Monday, 29 October 2012

As Model-View-Controller(MVC) has became one of preferred architectural pattern for web applications, many open source frameworks are being developed using this architecture. RailwayJS(RJS) is one such open source web application framework for nodeJS platform, It is inspired by Ruby on Rails framework. RJS is based on another popular web-app framework expressJS.

In short RailwayJS is a MVC framework, written in JavaScript based on ExpressJS and runs over nodeJS platform.

String Methods: search(), match() and replace()

Monday, 1 October 2012

String manipulation is one of the basic requirement of a programming language. In JavaScript string manipulation goes in hand with regular expressions. search, match and replace are methods of string object which use regular expressions as one of the parameter and perform string operations on the match.

JavaScript Basic Type Detection

Sunday, 23 September 2012

JavaScript is a loosely typed language. As Douglas Crockford says, this is one of its good parts. However, in JavaScript there is no native functions for type detection as in case of some other high level languages like Java.

Often while programming in JS we required to check the type for an object. Some JS frameworks provide native functions for type detection. In case if the framework doesn't have, we can create new functions.